Monday, February 15, 2016

Marilyn Kerro - Most Famous Witch in Estonia

Marilyn Kerro devil witchcraft witch estonia illuminatiMarilyn Kerro hitting himself clairvoyant who sees the spirit of what has happened and what is lived. He believes that the real abilities of the mother great-aunt, and associate capabilities onset in childhood (six years), derived from the lightning strike, admitting that it could not verify the information 'from the top' must.

In addition to clear sightedness Marilyn uses to communicate with spirits in animal organs and blood (sending fresh human blood, which attaches to the memory). In its rituals, for he uses tools such as knives, mirrors, voodoo dolls, the person's name, birth date, numerology and magic associated minerals.


In nutshell shes a another puppet prompting Illuminati agenda, she also practices witchcraft and satanic rituals.

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