Monday, April 13, 2020

Truth about Corona virus (COVID-19) Documentary: "The Plandemic"

The Plandemic By StrangerThanFiction

Our lives have been changed dramatically on last 2-3 months all over the world regarding spread of corona virus, authorities keep telling us to keep distance, wash your hands and we should stay home, in some states in US there is declared martial law and there have been tanks on the streets.

People who have ability to think themselves, face the facts to see overall global shakers and moves behind this madness or plot will do not trust their governments and figureheads who trying to intimidate us - this could be big leap loosing all our civil liberties.

This here is eyeopening documentary by youtuber StrangerThanFiction, it cover everything about corona virus from foreground to things to come including vaccination witch is Bill Gates biggest dream. 


All credit for this documentary goes to: StrangerThanFiction

Bitchute Video Link: ThePlandemic By StrangerThanFiction

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Monday, February 3, 2020

FIX for recent ORIGIN update - ORIGIN Games will not launch

Basically you need to downgrade your Origin to version 10.5.57 and you will be set to play games like you use to, Most of all Command & Conquer series witch were mostly damaged by newest origin update, they just didn't launch and no error message were given.

ARK-i Sõidueksam - Lõpputu õudusunenägu

Vahest on ka nii et öösel ei saa korralikult magada ... mõtled kuidas sellega ükskord ühelepoole saada, see võiks juhtuda juba järgmine kord ...Siiber 40 euro eest lõbusõitudel käimisest, mõttetust aja, närvide ja raha tuulde loopimisest.

Eksamineerijad samuti inimesed ja neil nagu ka meil pole kõik päevad vennad, kõik oleneb ka nende tujust - see on kindlasti mõjutav faktor eduka sõidueksami läbimisel. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Windows movie maker download - Windows Essentials 2012

If you looking for good old Windows movie maker then you can still have it (working download link is below), it is official version of all Microsoft products witch include products like:

(Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Family Safety and the OneDrive desktop app)

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Escape from tarkov shoreline map with all extraction points, biggest map so far in Tarkov

Extraction points:

Road to customs
Temporary CCP
Pier boat
Ruined house
Rock passage
Administrator building basement (center of the map)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jaanus Käärmann - Radikaliseeritud või vaimselt haige? Mis juhtus?

Minevikus tagasihoidlik, õppimishimuline ja andekas Jaanus Käärmann harrastas võistlustantsu millega jõudis mitmeid kordi koos oma partneriga eesti meistrivõistlustele, lõpetas Tartu Ülikoolis 2009. aastal bakalaureuseõppe informaatika erialal, edasi läks ta õppima Inglismaale Yorki ülikooli kus omandas kahe aastaga magistrikraadi, peale seda töötas aastaid erinevates ettevõtetes tarkvaraarendajana, tema vend Kristo Käärmann on TransferWise (erinevate valuuta nominaalidega tegelev rahvusvaheline ettevõtte) kaasasutaja ning on üks eesti rikkamaid inimesi.



31 oktoobril 2017 kell 11.04 anti teada politseile paljajalu lühikestes pükstes kõndivast nugadega mehest. Isik jalutas Raekoja platsilt Vabaduse väljakule. Selleks isikuks osutus hiljem 33 aastane Jaanus Käärmann ning tol hetkel kogus oma tegevusega väga suurt tähelepanu


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trump Toilet Paper - We Are Going To Make Toilet Paper Great Again!

Trump Toilet Paper - We Are Going To Make Toilet Paper Great Again! 

We Are Going To Make Toilet Paper Great Again!
Donald Trump toilet paper roll printed in full color and high quality! 







Monday, January 9, 2017


Stuck on updating windows as it search updates forever? here is quick simple fix to get your windows updates work again!

5. Launch Windows Update, 1st search for updates can take up to 10min

KB3172605 -
KB3135445 -

Monday, February 29, 2016

Heliborne Game (PC) - Aviation And Combat Air Assault Simulator

Heliborne seeks to introduce players to rotary wing aviation and combat. Players will have the ability to fly a number of helicopters from the 60's forward in to the year 2000 across a wide range of maps and in a wide range of mission scenarios. pintle air assault 7 62mm telemark battalion ops definition mmo

Company behind Heliborne is JetCatGames - this is first project as a studio, and while that statement might bring some cause for concern, JetCatGames is committed to developing Heliborne alongside our community. With an open and transparent philosophy on design and communication, we believe Early Access is the best platform to achieve our goals on.”

Heliborne will be in Early Access phase for at least a year. As the project progresses and they receive feedback from community, they may re-evaluate the project staying in, or releasing from Early Access.

Heliborne will feature historical conflicts in which helicopters played a major role.