Sunday, November 29, 2015

HOW TO fix/run Stalker Call of Pripyat to RUSSIAN Vocals with ENGLISH text

I love this game like most of hardcore stalker series fans, but I don't like the English voices with the silly accents, so lets change it to same level like Shadow of Chernobyl was - English text and Russian voices

There is a way to replace English voice-over vocals with original Russian vocals in same time by keeping English text including subtitles in game


Download ENGLISH text with RUSSIAN Vocals FIX from here: Stalker COP: ENGLISH text/RUSSIAN Vocals

Few notes how to successfully apply this FIX: (These same notes are also included in self-extracting archive welcome message)

EXTRACT gamedata to root of COP folder, self-extracting archive will do it for you if you don't have problems with installation directory path, Proceed with "install"

DELETE english.db from localization folder, DONE, launch the game!

* IF Changes somehow didn't take effect and game has still childish
English vocals then game main config file has to be modified manually:
EDIT "gamedata" line (9th from the top) in fsgame.ltx file (use notepad
to edit, file is located in COP main root) - as both values "true" like
shown below:

Stalker Call of Pripyat to ENGLISH text with RUSSIAN Vocals fix patch

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