Sunday, April 26, 2015

How Battlefield 2 Was Revived - NO Gamespy Needed To PLAY

Since Gamespy shutted down the Battlefield 2 Master servers last summer, the vanilla game is not anymore able to authenticate users. For a long time there is alternative method available to continue play Battlefield 2 PC online without losing your rank along your statistics

There is plenty of FULL 64 player servers with currently 38 listed Ranked Servers, Here is how you can get back into Bf2 action:

All you need to do is go to BF2 Battlelog website register account with recommended existing username and password for returning players to recover your stats, then there is Download section to get latest patch (1.50 is latest) among with other tools and fixes (punkbuster update tool, DX9 patch 1.50 alt + tab fix) but mostly important and necessary item to launch Battlefield 2 before actual BF2 game itself is called - Revive BF2 Launcher Client

Above mentioned website also includes great player based community with forums and global leaderboards

How Battlefield 2 Was Revived NO Gamespy Needed To PLAY
BF2 Battlelog Infrastructure

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