Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama VS Putin: Who's Who?

Obama VS Putin - simple comparison who and what they really like

Barack Hussein Obama II (Barry Soetoro): Both men were bought to power by troublesome circumstances but Obama is most controversial fella.

Considering his dark past with hidden records, top ivy league schools where in fact he didn't attended to, forged birth certificate and social security number witch until this day wont belong to him and pointing to another person, most defiantly blackmailed and bought to power by his puppet-masters behind the throne.
Basically everything hes done is hurting American people, more war, more poverty and higher taxes, purged over 200 highest generals and military officers over past 2 years (Hitler did same thing before declared himself head of state) only-ones who benefits from actions of Obama are people who controlling him and wide network of their global mafia bankster and other robber-barrel buddies
  • Overall rating: incompetent, lazy (videos below), feminist behavior, pot-smoking former community organizer, basketball playing nerd and pathetic compulsive liar

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Former KGB (now FSB) officer (Lieutenant colonel/Podpolkovnik) In mid 90´s he was deputy Mayor of Saint Petersburg and later on Director of the Federal Security Service (1998-1999) then prime minister end of Boris Yeltsin 2nd term.
Most contradicting event before he came president in year 2000 were many incident across the Russia, most famous was 2 apartment building collapses in Moscow witch later on were proven as an "inside job" by elements of FSB to justify another intervention into Chechnya.
During his 1st and 2nd term he was focused on restoring Russian economy, lifting up whole military and state industry from ruins caused by oligarchs under Yeltsin after collapse of soviet union, Putin throw oligarchs out of government from high positions, as matter of fact they were those who bought Putin into scene to become president instead Putin turned his back on them and declared them as enemy's of the state
  • Overall rating: bold, brave, well trained in judo and martial arts, drives formula 1 race cars, operates fighter jets and helicopters, shooting and hunting with real firearms, (not like Obama running around with kids water-pistols on WH pool) He has rebuild Russia from ruins caused by oligarchs under Yeltsin, expanded whole gas and oil exports for state revenue, rebuild and restored military might and actually done some serious reforms to help improve ordinary peoples lively-hood in Russia

obama vs putin obama versus putin

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