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M/S Estonia : The un-dead Estonians who survived (Video)

Up to 10 passengers and crew-members on M/S Estonia who survived and were on firsts survived lists but later mysteriously disappeared forever from any future published survived lists, instead there is many eyewitnesses who saw these people been rescued.

M/S Estonia sank in 28 September 1994 in the Baltic Sea in one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. It is the deadliest shipwreck disaster to have occurred in the Baltic Sea in peacetime, costing up to 852 lives, only 137 were survived


These people were reportedly rescued but later turned out to have not survived:

M/S Estonia sinking sabotage coverup
M/S Estonia
Avo Piht                                          
Kalev Vahtras
Lembit Leiger
Viktor Bogdanov
Hannely (Anne) Veide
Hanka-Hannika Veide
Aleksander Voronin
Kaimar Kikas
Merit Kikas
Tiina Müür
Agur Targama
Ago Tomingas

Avo Piht  

"salvation of the lost" the most famous incident. He was the captain of Estonia second shift, but he was not on duties until the ship reached Stockholm - in the morning, he had to give Sweden a pilot test and therefore drove to the ship. Escaped witnesses have recognized Piht help from dividing life-jackets onboard of the sinking ship. Ervin Roden admits that he saw Piht with mechanic Lembit Leiger (and sisters Veide) entering to liferaft.

Piht was rescued in and appeard on original list. Pihti salvation was reported on the radio: it is said that for the first time in 12 o'clock at the time, although Sirje Piht emphasizes the book "The hard way to discover the truth" that she heard Avo Piht of salvation for the first time at ten o'clock.

On 28 September 1994, before noon on the Kuku radio station in an interview broadcast on one of Swedish helicopter crewmen at Finland UTÖ island. He told how he had just rescued the second shift captain Avo Piht. When the German Spiegel TV with Jutta Rabe and Kay Holmberg tried to get access to interview of a recording at Kuku radio, station manager said that the Estonian Security Police had confiscated a recording of a few weeks ago.

Sirje Piht thinks it must have been helicopter crew that had information about Avo Piht, because how else would crewmember knew that the sunken ferry had two master on board or otherwise captain Avo Piht told his name to his rescuers himself.

Many also argue that they saw escaped Piht on television. Any clip that shows Piht, have not been able to find. When Jutta Rabe
spreading rumors that there is a video in archives of the first videos made about Estonia disaster and then she went to look, shortly she became aware that just the day before the German Security Police had exactly the same expressed interest.

Meanwhile, the Estonian Police was sure that captain Piht was rescued of accessing so sure that it was his application for searching through Interpol.

Henning Witte's book "The Drowned truth," the author states that it was in the autumn of 1996 he got phone call from Germans sources, who sent
convey message to Sirje Piht: "there is no need to worry about, she should think about it more global."

Andi Meister (resigned Chairman of the Commission and the international compound of the book "Work logbook" author) said that Swedish helicopter Y-64 transported one person to UTÖ island, even though he was not registered there at-all. Meister think it could be a Piht.

On 28 September 1994, Estline Tallinn office has compiled a list, rescued Avo Piht, side note: Turku University Hospital. On the same day Piht was hes way been to Helsinki. This data was obtained from the hospital doctor, later repeated the ship repair yard in Turku Project Manager Erik
Mörd to Captain Erich Moik.

Confession, except that the captain Piht was normal, there was also a very good diplomat. Andresson was thoroughly master; word of the poor, dry and very demanding. Technically if boat were rotten or reported with dangerous elements like cracks on crucial elements like bow visor hinges or other suddenly appeared mistakes on ships hull or anywhere on ship, they would avoided trip out to the sea.

Add one more weird on grounds which may be pure coincidence, but not necessarily. In 1994, shortly after the Estonia disaster - I think there were four days later - we went with the then rector of the marine education center
Peter Veegen to the Finland Turu hospital to visit captain Piht.


Fully conscious. We called ahead and they told us - yes, Piht is in hospital. 

We went to the hospital and they told us that very soon he will meet us. We waited. And it was reported - no, he does not exist there at hospital. All the time he was there, but then he was not.


Twin sisters Veided

Hannely and Hanka-Hannika Veide was the first time when the ship comes with a dance troupe participants. Later they are seen together with Piht and Lembit Leigeriga on same raft, so they were probably lost. During the first lists were written by Annika Hannely name instead, but this name was called Hannely but at home. Elsewhere, the name was not used. It was for their parents and Aino and Ülole hundred percent proof that their daughters have escaped. Nurse Eva Lorenz phoned parents at Huddinge hospital and reported that their daughters are staying there, but they do not talk. Huddinge Hospital denies this information. Eva Lorenz explained later Henning Wittel to the hospital there was a big mess, though only a dozen or so were rescued. Sisters mother claims that her daughter will call her a year after the accident. The phone said, "I, Hannely", but said nothing more has disappeared. They rang every day in a row, 14.30 o'clock , no one was talking , complete silence, mom told what they have been up to at home. 

Kalev Vahtras   

Kalev Vahtras Pregnant wife Ruth Vahtras phoned to Swedish police the contact phone number of which was published in Finland on TV. She then confirmed that his husband was rescued and is on the list, but can not yet say what the hospital. It was recommended to call again.

Ruth Vahtrasele confirmed that each survivor has to tell his own name; who is the salvation at moment unconscious, says later. Ruth's son was contacted by the Estonian Ministry of the Interior and Social, Red Cross, etc., all of which confirmed that her father has rescued the list. 
The Ministry of Interior reported to be the son: "Yes, your father lives, but for God's sake, do not talk to anybody." When Ruth later phoned the Ministry of the Interior, was her husband name disappeared from the list. Finnish police said the Kalev was on rescued lists but was bit difficult identify him because lists were hand-written.
Polgunov Peter, who worked on the ship and knew Kalev, said that while he was rescue on same boat where Kalev was. Kalev was wearing a life jacket. Polgunov is not believing that Kalev was drowned, he was to be a good swimmer. After he left boat and was saved Kalev seemed to be in pretty good shape without any injuries.

Ruth Vahtras were called by Internal Security Service, where she got her husband questionnaire to fill on consisting of 20 pages. At the same moment the photos of the victims were brought in, which was also Kalev image. It remains unclear how his name was already known to the police, while Ruth still filled questionnaires. Also, the picture has disappeared of man drowned or man in appearance, rather than a man asleep. Police said the autopsy was held in Finland. You could see from the photo, on the right side to Kalev hair has traces of blood on the left side and a pointed object trace. The neck was swollen like he have been hit with something.

Kalev brothers and Ruth thought that Kalev can not be the sunken. Ruth believes that Kalev was rescued after a while with captain Piht on the helicopter, and decided his fate. Also, the habit of Kalev notice things that others had overlooked. Ruth still be heard from one of the police: "The more Ruth Vahtras is involved with case, it can be dangerous situation for herself."  

Few days later after disaster on 30 September 1994 evening between 22 and 23 o'clock, Ruth's phone rang. Nobody talked about, though, was to hear breaths. This lasted up to 15 minutes. At the same time the night between 1 and 2 o'clock after midnight was someone called three times to Ruth's father, but even then there was complete silence, nobody ever talked. 

The most curious was still to come. When Ruth opened the coffin of her husband, her husband was not there. There was a strange gray-haired old man, who, moreover, there was no case drowning died: one Englishman rescue helicopter driver said the man had wounds, such as those who during the rescue operation failed to hold the rope and fell back into the sea. Ruth has not received any documents of the autopsy report.

Viktor Bogdanov  

On 16 October 1994 the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote that the only survivors of the vessel is a 42-year-old officer in the ship's doctor. At the time of the wreck was in the past several weeks, and there was confusion over the lists, but were still well Bogdanov "Missing". A crew member and friend Andres Vihmar (who also survived) phoned to Bogdanov husband and told that Victor has escaped and hes fine. So far, Victor has not appeared. Vihmar said later he was just confused and lost.  

Kaimar Kikas 

Kaimar Kikas was a ship's officer, whose name has also occurred in the early lists. A former colleague to Kikas spotted him in 1998 at Cape Town, South Africa, after he recognizes him Kikas turned around and run away to avoid meeting

Aleksander Voronin

Mysterious Ida-Viru County businessman whose suitcase after the accident, divers searched on the wreck of M/s Estonia cabins. The divers and diving controller on main-boat above at surface, sound as the conversation turns to Briefcase of Voronin had to find at any price no matter what. It also found the master at Piht´s cabin ... Voronin, though survived at ship alive, escaped the accident, but died of a stroke in June 2002. He left permanently for two weeks after the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung weighed one article of his secret weapons and a possible connection to the accident.

Tiina Müür (1962) was the ship's duty-free shop manager.
Agur Targama (1966) was the fourth mechanic.  
Ago Tomingas (1956) worked on the ship as a seller.


Murder of Customs official shortly after M/S Estonia sinking

Igor Kristapovitš 

In October 22 1994 killed at Lasnamäel in front of his home, former Deputy Director General of Customs Administration, had some crucial information about continuous contraband smugglers between Tallinn and Stockholm, he was shot to head as he bent down to look at the his deflated car tire.  

Harri Enula  

Estline Estonian official was found dead in 1996 in Tallinn-Keila railroad track. The man was wrapped in barbed wire and thrown into the railroad track, his car was found nearby, all belongings and documents were all intact.

Mysterious flights with unidentified passengers from Stockholm days after M/S Estonia disaster

The day after the sinking, 9 crew members were removed from the lists of 146 reported survivors as a Gulfstream 4 (Reg. N971L), and a Boeing 727-200 (Reg. VR-CLM), left Stockholm's Arlanda airport carrying 4 and 5 unregistered passengers each. Anér has the documents from the airport's archive that show that the fees for the two airplanes were paid by the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm.  Among those who disappeared after having been on the survivor lists from Estonia were one of captains, Avo Piht, and the ship's chief engineer, Lembit Leiger. Piht and Leiger would be key witnesses as to the ship's seaworthiness, its cargo, and causes of its mysterious sinking, which took 852 lives.


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