Sunday, September 2, 2012

How To disable Origin welcome message

 origin popup fix tweakTired of that annoying pop up Origin welcome message? here is a fix. First you need to locate:

"username\%AppData%\Roaming\Origin\local_2020dcb8a0188b9e33e9f11ef64c8fe6.xml" file in your "documents" on main drive (c:\ ?) root folder you can find  it is "users" with path at beginning this post (this long fail name could be bit different) open it with notepad and change value on lines 24, 25 and 26 to 9999999 (7 digit number) like this:

SW Battlefront G2Play 728x90

<Setting key="PromoBrowserDownloadUnderwayLastShown" type="2" value="9999999"/> 
<Setting key="PromoBrowserGameFinishedLastShown" type="2" value="9999999"/> 
<Setting key="PromoBrowserOriginStartedLastShown" type="2" value="9999999"/> 

It could be useful to make backup copy from this changed fail or it can be changed to "read-only" status attribute to avoid changing these lines again after every origin update but in this case program own settings would not take effect if this fail is copy-right protected

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