Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Syrian rebels (FSA - Al Qaeda) caught on video firing chemical weapons

A new video shows jihadist rebels (Al Qaeda) in Syria firing chemical weapons via mortar on the August 21 attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, an incident which got global condemnation and was blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.

The footage shows opposition jihadist rebels militants firing shells and rockets at night. They are wearing gas masks and are surrounded by jihadist gang. The video was filmed in the early hours of August 21, coinciding with the alleged chemical weapons attack on Ghouta.

Did you know that the United Nations has had evidence that the Syrian rebels have been using sarin gas against Syrian government forces since May? This was reported by Reuters and other major news organizations around the world, but there has been an almost total blackout of this information by the big corporate news outlets in the United States. So why are they keeping the truth from us? What you are about to read might really surprise you. 
The Syrian rebels have been caught red-handed with sarin gas in their possession, the UN has had evidence that the rebels have been using sarin gas for several months, and the Syrian rebels have even admitted that they were the ones that caused the deadly gas attack that the U.S. government is using as justification to attack Syria. Please share this article with as many people as you can, because it is absolutely imperative that we get the truth in front of the American people.

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